Autopilot FUSION S30 Digital Temperature Controller

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Autopilot FUSION S30 Digital Temperature Controller

The Autopilot FUSION S30 Digital Temperature Controller can be used with equal effectiveness as a cooling or heating thermostatic controller. Select Cooling Mode or Heating Mode with a simple click and turn of the unit’s dial, then adjust the controller to enter the preferred temperature setting. Once a device is plugged into the controller, the FUSION F30 will take complete control of the device and operate off the programmed settings. 

Growers can program different day and night temperature settings, which will be automatically switched to the correct mode by the unit’s built-in photocell. Temperature is precisely measured by the unit’s attached sensor probe with 15' cable. The dial adjusts the settings and also provides a quick visual confirmation of the current set points with a simple press. The large digital display makes it easy to see current temperature, even from some distance.


  • Precise digital display shows current temps 24/7 
  • Controls heating or cooling equipment with both day/night set points
  • Built-in photocell
  • Min/max temperature recall 
  • 3-option preset temperature deadband (2/4/6°F)
  • Mounts directly to power outlet
  • Includes connected precision temperature sensor with 15' cable (top of unit)
  • Output LED turns on when outlet activates connected device/appliance
  • 14.5A max power handling
  • 120V
  • VOLTAGE: 120