Argus Custom Control Systems

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Argus Control Systems

The Argus System features a dedicated network of hardware modules and specialized software applications designed to provide comprehensive monitoring and equipment automation throughout your facility.

Argus Controls provides advanced climate control systems that are customized to each grower’s requirements and are adaptable to their changing needs, enabling them to operate their facilities exactly the way they want.

As part of our service, we select and preconfigure all of the control components required to meet your specifications. You only need to supply us with information about the equipment you need to control and the processes you need to manage. We do the rest. You do not need to ‘build your own system’ or specify individual control components – we ensure you are supplied with a complete end-to-end control system tailored to your facility. In cases where a range of options may be available, we’ll provide you with clear descriptions of the alternatives so you can select the one that best meets your requirements.

To view a slide show presentation describing the features of the Argus Titan control system, please click here.


  • Precision climate control
  • Intelligent lighting control
  • Advanced irrigation and fertigation
  • Tracking for system security and audits
  • Monitored activity of devices: on/off cycles, total running times, maintenance reminders
  • Monitored usage of energy and water relative to targets
  • Continuous recording of all settings, readings and crop parameters
  • Collect data from advanced sensor systems for measuring light, carbon dioxide, oxygen, fruit loading, moisture, water flow, leachate volumes, spectral reflectance, and photosynthesis
  • Full-featured graphing tool
  • alarm monitoring of all critical conditions with quick detection of any deviations
  • Automatic voice and email alerts
  • Multiple alarm conditions and custom intelligent alarm models
  • Custom monitoring solutions

For more information on the Argus system, please contact one of our sale reps.

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