Mabre Airflow, Commercial Heating and Humidity Control

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Mabre Airflow, Commercial Heating and Humidity Control
Mabre Air Systems

Mabre is your ALL IN ONE source for heat, humidity control, fresh air, and air circulation. Additions can be added to the same system- CO2 injection, chilled air, and odor control.

In any commercial grow, humidity is always a challenge. High humidity causes all kinds of mildews and bacteria to grow and can result in substantial economic losses.

Growers always ask how we control humidity with heat. It’s very simple. Mabre systems are designed and engineered to move high volumes of air, circulated into the grow using an engineered duct system. For indoor grow facilities, this is done under the tables or along the ground using poly or fabric convection tubes. Humidity correction is achieved when the environmental controller signals the Mabre system to create heat along with high air flow (not enough to raise the room space temperature). This causes the moisture to evaporate very quickly. The controller will then signal the ventilation fan to draw out this moist air and bring in dry, fresh air. This process is very effective and economical, resulting in total climate control.

This system offers significant reduction in operation cost compared to electric dehumidification equipment. Mabre systems give you the most cost effective solution, along with the lowest operating costs on the market today.


  • Simple to use with automatic control system 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Easy to control with your existing ventilation controller 
  • Furnace and duct installation is flexible and customized to your facility 
  • Uniform heat distribution 
  • Lower fuel consumption, especially during the mid-season 
  • Wood pellet, Wood chip / micro-chip or biomass burning provides cost savings while protecting the environment with carbon- neutral, sustainable and domestic fuel source 
  • Advanced technology and 30 years of experience will provide you with reliable equipment 


For more information on Mabre systems, please contact one of our sale reps.

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