Anden Industrial Dehumidifier, 210 Pints/Day, 240V

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Anden Industrial Dehumidifier, 210 Pints/Day, 240V
Anden / Aprilaire

Designed for professional grow operations, the Anden Model A200V1 removes 210 pints per day of moisture from the air. Redundant installation with smaller and larger units makes achieving the perfect capacity for your space simple and affordable. Units work seamlessly with smart controls and remote RH sensors for the ultimate in monitoring and control. A200V1 model is for single-phase 208/240V 60Hz power configurations.

The Model A200V1 can also be programmed to circulate air within a grow facility. Proper air flow carries moisture away from the plants, helping to prevent fungus, disease and plant pests from damaging the crop. Circulating the air also maximizes the application of CO2 in the grow facility.

INCLUDED – DH20076 (Model A76) Digital Dehumidifier Control
• Dedicated monitoring and control of each dehumidifier at canopy height

Optional Remote Monitors - DH18082 (Model 8082) Temperature/Humidity Sensor Module
• Reports temperature and RH values back to the dehumidifier control module

Optional Wi-Fi Thermostats – DH58840 (Model 8840), DH58830 (Model 8830), DH58820 (Model 8820)
• Control and monitor climate conditions in your grow room 24/7/365 from anywhere


  • Air supply orientation: In-line, top, bottom, side, any combination
  • Supply dimensions: 6" x 15" (qty 4)
  • Inlet dimensions: 14" x 14"
  • Filter: MERV 11 disposable
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Coil type: E-coated
  • Hardwire: Yes
  • Drain connection: ¾" NPT female bottom connection
  • Leveling feet: Included
  • Hanging brackets for threaded rod: Included
  • Warranty: 5 years