Our Phantom brand of ballasts and reflectors represents the very best available in indoor horticultural lighting equipment. The Phantom ballast family includes traditional, double-ended and CMh models. The original Phantom and Phantom II ballasts led the way, offering adjustable output control (dimming), silent operation and precise microprocessor control.

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Autopilot Controllers

Autopilot line of lighting and environmental controllers puts you in full control of your indoor growing environment. You'll be able to schedule automatic regulation of your temperature, lighting, CO2, and humidity when you implement Autopilot devices into your indoor horticultural setup.

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Active Aqua

Experience the finest in hydroponic gardening with Hydrofarm’s family of Active Aqua products. You’ll find proven components for all your hydroponics needs, from full hydro systems and powerful water chillers to various pots, parts and accessories.

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