Hydrofarm is a leading distributor and manufacturer of controlled environment agriculture equipment and supplies, including high-intensity grow lights, climate control solutions, and growing media, as well as a broad portfolio of innovative and proprietary branded products. For more than 40 years, Hydrofarm has helped growers in the U.S. and Canadian markets make growing easier and more productive. The Company’s mission is to empower growers, farmers and cultivators with products that enable greater quality, efficiency, consistency and speed in their grow projects.


How it works

Hydrofarm Commercial Solutions is a business-to-business company and does not sell direct to the public. We recognize that large commercial growers have specialized needs with lighting layouts, stock availability, delivery options, bulk pricing, and post-sale support. We have a select group of preferred retailer partners like www.wholesalegrowersdirect.com available to support your commercial product needs. Our preferred retail partners are equipped to offer the absolute best pricing and prompt support for your commercial operation. If you are not already working with one of our preferred retail partners, please see below.

Complete the contact information form or call us. Work with one of our product specialists to determine the right equipment for your project. We will work alongside our preferred partners to provide you with bulk pricing and easy ordering. We will ship your order to your location.